How to Get Monetized on TikTok: The Ultimate Guide for Creators

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has become one of the hottest platforms for creators looking to grow an audience and make money. The app’s short-form vertical videos make it easy for content to go viral, opening up various monetization opportunities once you build up a following.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about how to get monetized on TikTok so you can start earning as an influencer.

TikTok Monetization Basics

TikTok offers creators several ways to make money directly through the platform once you meet certain thresholds. This includes:

  1. TikTok Creator Fund – Earn a portion of monthly revenue from TikTok based on your views.
  2. TikTok Gifts – Receive monetary “gifts” from fans during TikTok LIVE streams.
  3. TikTok LIVE Subscriptions – Fans pay a monthly fee for access to some of your LIVE content.

To be eligible for these monetization features, your account needs:

  • At least 10,000 authentic followers
  • At least 10,000 video views in the last 30 days
  • A history of posting original content that follows TikTok’s guidelines

TikTok reviews accounts that apply to ensure creators meet all policies and terms around monetizable content. Let’s explore how to access each key money-making feature.

Joining the TikTok Creator Fund

The TikTok Creator Fund allows popular creators to earn a cut of the ad revenue generated from their videos. It’s TikTok’s primary monetization program.

Here’s how to join:

Step 1: Make sure your account meets the eligibility criteria outlined above.

Step 2: Open your profile and tap the 3-line menu. Select “Creator Tools” then choose “Creator Fund”.

Step 3: Review the terms and policies. Enable “Allow my videos to be included in TikTok’s advertising inventory” option.

Step 4: Click “Join Creator Fund” and submit an application. TikTok will review and confirm your approval status via email.

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Once accepted, you can monitor your Creator Fund earnings directly on the app under the “$” tab in Creator Tools. TikTok deposits earnings monthly when you hit a $100 threshold.

The amount you earn depends on your views, engagement, and overall value brought to the TikTok community. Top creators can make thousands per month through the fund.

Activating TikTok LIVE Gifts

LIVE gifts allow your fans to show support and tip during TikTok broadcasts. There are two kinds of digital gifts on TikTok:

  • Diamonds – Purchased with real money and redeemable for cash. Most valuable.
  • Coins – Earned by viewers for free. Non-redeemable but show fan appreciation.

Here’s how to activate gifting:

Step 1: Go LIVE regularly with interesting content that drives engagement. Gifting works best for creators with strong followings.

Step 2: Tap your profile icon when LIVE and enable “Allow Gifting” to opt into receiving gifts.

Step 3: Fans will see a gift icon during your LIVE allowing them to send Diamonds or Coins. Thank them on air!

Step 4: After going LIVE, you can convert accrued Diamonds into cash earnings at the TikTok Gifting Page.

Gifting enables your top fans to reward you for amazing LIVE moments while helping you make more money on TikTok.

Launching a TikTok LIVE Subscription

Exclusive LIVE subscriptions allow you to offer paid access to some of your content as an ongoing channel for loyal fans.

Follow these steps to create a subscription:

Step 1: Go to Creator Tools and tap “LIVE Subscription”. Toggle on “Subscription” to activate.

Step 2: Set your subscription price between $0.99 – $49.99 per month. Add benefits like subscriber badges and exclusive LIVEs.

Step 3: Promote your subscription at the start of your public LIVE streams. Explain the exclusive perks fans get by subscribing.

Step 4: Deliver subscriber-only LIVE content daily or weekly to make the benefits worthwhile.

Step 5: Monitor analytics on subscribers, revenue, and retention to optimize the offering over time.

With a compelling subscription package, top creators can generate tens of thousands per month directly from fans.

Grow Your Influence to Unlock More Opportunities

The key to accessing TikTok’s money-making features is having an engaged following and viewership. Here are some quick tips to build your influence:

  • Post daily – Stay top of mind with frequent video uploads using trending sounds.
  • Go LIVE often – Being LIVE helps boost viewership and connects you directly with fans.
  • Engage with comments – Reply to comments and make fans feel heard.
  • Run contests/challenges – Encourage user-generated content and shares with interactive campaigns.
  • Collaborate with others – Work with influential creators to gain exposure to new audiences.
  • Optimize your profile – Include links, hashtags, clear branding and your best content.
  • Promote outside TikTok – Drive followers from Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms.
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Consistency, quality content and genuine engagement are key to building a monetizable creator presence on TikTok.

Supplementing with Other Monetization Models

In addition to TikTok’s built-in money-making tools, creators can leverage their TikTok influence to earn through other models:

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

  • Work with brands to get paid for sponsored content, takeovers, reviews, etc. Most popular way to monetize influence.

Affiliate Links

  • Make money by promoting products and getting a sales commission when followers purchase through your special link.

Selling Merchandise

  • Design custom clothing, accessories, stickers, etc. featuring your brand and sell to loyal followers.

Paid Content Platforms

  • Post exclusive content or offer premium messaging on platforms like OnlyFans for fan subscriptions.

Virtual Gifting

  • Apps like Splash let followers send paid virtual gifts to show support during normal videos.


  • Enable direct tipping through accounts like PayPal so dedicated fans can donate to you.

TikTok fame can lead to numerous income streams on and off the platform. Aim to diversify for the best results.

Maximizing Your TikTok Earnings Potential

With various monetization avenues available, focus on these tips to maximize income as a TikTok creator:

  • Go “niche” – Cater content to a specific audience instead of a broad general topic. This helps attract engaged, loyal followers.
  • Post consistently – Feed the algorithm with regular videos to get more views and build authority in your niche.
  • Provide value – Don’t purely self-promote. Offer entertainment or helpful knowledge that keeps fans coming back.
  • Engage strategically – Respond to fan comments at peak times when more users are active on the app.
  • Get creative with captions – Include relevant hashtags, emoji, polls and calls-to-action that drive engagement.
  • Run contest/challenges – Crowdsource content from users and build buzz around key themes with interactive campaigns.
  • Diversify content formats – Post a mix of TikTok trends, dances, skits, tutorials, LIVEs, etc. to attract different audiences.
  • Collaborate – Partner with complementary creators to gain exposure to each other’s audiences and increase engagement.
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With the right strategy tailored to your niche, TikTok presents a very lucrative platform to turn your influence into income as a creator.

Common TikTok Monetization Questions

How much do top TikTok creators make?

Top creators can make anywhere from $10,000 to $150,000+ per month through TikTok monetization programs, brand sponsorships, merchandise sales and other income streams. The highest earners have millions of engaged followers.

How long does it take to get monetized on TikTok?

It typically takes several months to build up the 10k+ followers and viewership numbers needed to qualify for TikTok’s money-making features. Consistency is key. Be patient, focus on growth, and monetization will come.

Can you monetize TikTok without the Creator Fund?

Yes, you can still earn without being in TikTok’s formal Creator Fund program through gifts, tips, brand deals, selling merch and leveraging your audience on other platforms. However, the fund provides a reliable passive income stream.

Does TikTok pay more than YouTube?

YouTube ad revenue rates are higher compared to TikTok’s Creator Fund. However, TikTok’s growth, engagement and viral potential gives creators more opportunities to diversify income through gifts, sponsors, etc. Top creators can earn big on both.

Can I make money on TikTok without being famous?

It’s unlikely to earn significant income from TikTok until you have a substantial following and viewership numbers. Focus first on building an audience by providing value and leveraging trends. As your influence grows, monetization opportunities open up.

Wrapping Up

Gaining a monetized creator presence on TikTok takes consistency, patience and hard work. But the opportunities are plentiful for those able to build and engage an audience.

Follow this guide to get set up with TikTok’s Creator Fund, Gifts, LIVE Subscriptions and begin earning money from your creativity. Ensure your content strategy maximizes views, engagement and authority.

Diversify your income by leveraging your TikTok influence to collaborate with brands, promote products, sell merch and reach fans on other platforms too.

Stick with it, deliver value to your niche, and TikTok can become a full-time career allowing you to get paid for your passion.